A Quick ZBrush Tip From Michael Honsinger

So there is a this really cool jewelry design video by a ZBrush who doesn't speak much English.  In the video he has a way of flipping the topology.

Check out about 17 seconds into the vide to see what I mean.  Then jump below to see a simple image by Michael Honsinger to explain how to do it yourself in ZBrush.

Now, let me share with you a simple image by Michael Honsinger to show how you do this.


An Elephant To Call My Own


Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my site.  To the right of this text you'll see an image of my daughter chasing after an elephant during our recent trip to India.  

My daughter lit up like she just saw one of her missing stuffed animals when she first spotted that elephant and immediately started following it.

It was such a beautiful site (note, the car is parked) and so packed with meaning that I raced to snap a picture while my wife ran along side her, out of frame, to make sure she didn't make a run for the beautiful animal.

I mean, aren't we all chasing elephants, after all...

I've been drawing and art making since I was quite young and took my first art class when I was six years old.  My first teacher, Craig Honeycutt, was one of the lone realists in the late 70's near Ashland, Oregon and I was blessed to meet him.

Then in my early 20's I attended several art colleges and finally found the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, PAFA, where my teachers Al Gury and Renee Foulks were my guides and mentors.

After PAFA, I took a degree in Creative Writing and a certificate in 3D Visual Effects which lead me to become the first Product Manager for the game changing digital sculpting software, ZBrush.

Working at Pixologic was an amazing part of my life but on the news that I was going to be a father (my daughter is now 2 years old) I decided that I really needed to level up my game and take life by the short & curlys, as my father would say.  

That is the day that I started YouSculpt and began creating the training programs that are used by thousands of artists today to learn how to sculpt digitally for the film and game industry.  

That is the day I stopped following other people's elephants and began chasing my own...

As I write this, my sleeping wife is pregnant with our son who is due in August, my company has new training programs coming out every month of 2013 and sculpting remains that one thing that binds all other parts of my life together to make everything worthwhile.

I wish you all the success and passion you can stand but most of all I wish for you an elephant you can call your own.