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This Moment Matters

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Sometimes we get so busy training to be the artist we want to be that we forget to breath, relax and just BE the artist that we already are.

Today, let’s stop and remember this so we do not fall into the trap of acquiring skill after skill after skill.

The Skill Trap is just seems so out of place with the freedom and life affirming aspects of creating art.  It’s like going to Target and filling our shopping cart with tutorials, books, workshops, lessons, tutorials on faces, tutorials on children’s faces… but where are we going with all this skill?

When do we ever leave Target and start to create our own ART. Not our teachers art, our mentors, our mothers, our friends, or even our industries artwork.  When do we stand on our own two feet and say, “This is mine. This… is me.”

Imagine a little girl who doesn’t like her body.  She thinks she is too fat or too thin. She tries on all sorts of clothing but never leaves the house.  Never goes out in public because she doesn’t think she is good enough.

I worry about that all the time with my daughter who is now in her pretty princess phase.  Will she judge herself by her looks?  Will she let other’s judgement effect her?

Today, we know how unhealthy that is.  In the context of a little girl we can see how damaging it can be to judge yourself by other’s standards…

… but many of us artists are waiting…

… waiting till we are “right”.  Waiting till we are “enough” before we show the world who we are.

Well, that moment is now.  It’s as soon as we realize that we’ve been enough all along.  It’s enough that we are alive and that we are working towards our goals.  We are not something that needs to be shut down, hidden until perfect.

We are alive and growing and every moment is our moment to thrive.


Do This! Sculpting Form Instead Of Line/ Proportion

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In this chapter from Unleash Anatomy, I go over how to use the shape concept inside of ZBrush.  Many times we get lost trying to be accurate or to make something “right”.  We forget the larger shapes and get bogged down in details, words, measurements.

That can instantly destroy a drawing as heavy linework begins to take over and your piece looses the subtly you were going for.  Make sure to sign up at for more videos like this.


What Is Anatomy?

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Artistic Anatomy is so much more than just the muscles and bones of the human body.  For thousands of years artists have created strategies and concepts to help them recreate the human figure to be more life-like, more expressive, or just fit their world-view better.

In this chapter of Unleash Artistic Anatomy, I look at just one way to approach a drawing: via simple forms.  These are forms that anyone today can use to make sense of reference or the live model and instantly improve their own artwork.

We start with two spheres that approximate the volume of the model, my son.  These two spheres establish the major light and shadow shapes and help me create a likeness right off the bat.

Then I move into more anatomical type information by creating the orbit of the eye and the simple planes of the nose and lips.

At 10:15 I work some subtle light into the eyes to create the eyeball itself which I finish off with some line work at 15:28.

The key for this drawing was to minimize the amount of linework and maximize the amount of large forms and shadow shapes.  That helped create the overall moody aspect and really gave the drawing a life of its own.

Let me know if you found this useful and remember to sign up for more information at



Let Love Matter

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Your art goes as deep as your love goes. – Andrew Wyeth

A few weeks ago, my good friend James Q Martin of Q Media came down to south Orange County for a visit.  We were talking about how much our lives had changed from when we’d met at the young age of 14.

Back then, James and I mostly skipped school, snuck out at night, and lived Lord Of The Flies style on the streets.  If you’d have meet either of us back then you would not have thought we had a promising future.  I, for one, was told that directly by a school counselor.

Today, though, James travels the world filming climbers and environmental documentaries.  I live in beautiful south Orange County where I run UArtsy, paint, sculpt and hang out with my family.

In many ways, Art saved both of us.  We never really fit in.  Never learned the way people where teaching.  But we both found an artform that spoke to us; that connected with a deep part of our lives and we’ve learned to make a living from it.

I think of that when I think of my daughter’s future.  Where will she go to school… what will she do… but it doesn’t take long for me to remember that I found art through my own mother’s love and it doesn’t take much more than that to build a beautiful life on.

All my best wishes to you and your families.